About Tesla FREE Energy

Nikola Tesla And His Free Energy Dream

Welcome to the Tesla Free Energy blog. I named it ‘Tesla Free Energy’ -but not because we only talk about his most famous invention idea, the free Radiant Electricity device -but because Nikola Tesla really did want to Free Energy from the grips of highly paid energy corporations and make it available for everyone.

Photo of the Young Nikola Tesla

This Tesla Free Energy blog is for everyone that would like to get and give it as well. I am often disturbed by the fact that Tesla rarely gets the accolades and proper credit he is justly due – so lets do it here.

And if you think that he deserves less or no respect -than SAY IT. Just have the proper decency to explain why you feel that way.

So thanks for visiting -and I hope that you enjoy your visit at ‘Tesla Free Energy’ and have fun learning about this truly brilliant inventor / creator.


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