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Magnetic Powered Generator Plans

Magnetic energy has been studied , dissected and completely utilized in many different ways. There have been complete demonstrations of this type of energy throughout the last 90 years- starting with Nikola Tesla.

Once he was able to perform a demonstration that shocked the on-lookers when he was able to send magnetic electric power from the device created with his very own  magnetic powered generator plans, to simple everyday devices that worked on electricity -like a light bulb and some other simple items. But the point was made loud and clear – by utilizing the magnetic energy field properly, and creating a direct receptor point for the magnetic energy to connect to, a magnet could be used as an electrical energy generator.

The Day The Magnetic Plans Died

Although Nikola Tesla would show off his many different ideas and inventions formed by using magnets, it was much bigger aspirations that he was after. And when His dream job, creating a world wide free energy generator at the Wardenclyffe lab had to be stopped due to lack of funds – Tesla and the Wardenclyffe Tower both were dismantled , thus laying to rest alot of Teslas amazing magnetic energy ideas , theories and actual completed projects.

If not for these sets of circumstances, people might not have discarded Tesla and his magnetic powered generator plans for the past 90 years.

But these plans have already been tested, used and PROVEN to work. they just needed a little updating , and some advanced technological additions have actually made the Magnetic Powered Generator something that we can begin using on a regular basis.

The Re-Birth Of Magnetic Powered Electricity

Over 2 years ago – we were introduced to a new free energy idea -(we thought it was anyways) -by a man that has to this date, done everything to keep out of the spotlight. He wanted to prove Teslas magnetic power plans and ideas REALLY DID WORK. He named the product and His company, ‘MagniWork’. This little company consisted of the magnet-man, and a few people that were very skilled at:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Energy Adaptation
  3. Technological Updating of Older Machines
  4. And a Tesla Historian – With MAJOR Access To old Plans and Tesla Theories/BluePrints

This was the team that would put together the original Magnetic Powered Generator Plans, known as the ‘Magniwork’ Generator Plans.

Magniwork Magnetic Powered Generator Plans Review

It all started with someones idea of finding the truth. The inventors of Magniwork simply wanted to know if what had been done in the past was for real – and when these types of minds get together, the results are usually ALL OR NOTHING. I think that these magnetic power plans prove that Tesla and His great respect for magnets and there many uses is completely valid -and  as we now know, they are completely logical.

There is a complete Magniwork Generator Plans Review – I would check it out , as it lays out all the finer details and just what you will be involved with when you start:

Magniwork Magnetic Generator Plans