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Nikola Tesla Invention of A/C Motor

One of Nikola Teslas greatest inventions – the AC MOTOR was a result of Teslas rotating magnetic induction field principle. (Created in 1882)This was the idea that would be used in alternators , resulting in the rotating and inducting electromagnetic field energy force that generates torque in rotating machines. This would be the idea that Tesla would take even further when he designed another motor -the ‘poly-phase’ induction motor in 1883.

When Teslas AC motor was finally completed and ready for production and fill-time usage, it was what many believed started the ,’Second Industrial Revolution‘. (Not bad for a guy that some would refer to as eccentric  or outlandish).

What made Nikolas invention -or discovery- so magnificent and useful, was the way in which this motor could distribute electrical energy much, much further than ever before -and do it with the least amount of energy. And this of course, was used in combination with another one of Teslas brilliant landmark inventions, the alternating current transmission system.(Created in 1888).

Motors BEFORE Teslas AC Motor

Before the induction of Teslas AC Motor invention – and the poly-phase induction method -motors (known as homo-polar) ran by passing a conductor through a stationary magnetic field over and over again. Everything about Tesla and his inventions were more than just innovative -they were ideas and developments that would change the World and how we lived day to day.

As with many of Teslas inventions -the AC Motor invention was all apart of a bigger more revolutionary SYSTEM. Not just a lucky discovery or a 1 trick-pony. His inventions were all apart of a whole new set of ideas and Nikola Tesla should always be remembered for His long-term thinking , as well as his ability to complete re-construct what was standard thinking and ideas back in the 19th century.


Tesla Builds Free Energy Generator And More

I wish I could say that ‘we all know about Nikola Tesla and his amazing list if inventions and patents.’ But I cant -and its obviously not right. I mean, maybe his most famous goal was something that most professors , scientists or scholars refuse to accept -but that was just 1 singular project(of course I am talking about the Tesla Free Energy Generator).

Tesla has almost 300 patented inventions – some of which are of complete necessity to todays most current and advanced products (like televisions and vehicles).

So when His plans for the Tesla Free Energy generator were leaked out -or let out – I knew that it was time to create a blog in his honor. A place where we can discuss his ‘other’ inventions and ideas – before all the young people get it in there head that all he did was MAYBE create a device that could send electricity from one place to another – without wires.

WHY Dont We Know Nikola Tesla BETTER?

Whenever there is a movie or a book or a lecture , class, article or discussion about great minds of the 19th/20th century – who do we hear about?

  • Einstein
  • Alexander Bell
  • Edison
  • Nicolaus Otto
  • Darwin

Why not Tesla? Because he did not invent the telly? Or was it because the AC motor and transformer didnt really end up in 1000’s of our civilizations most popular and most used devices or anything.

He was considered a little bit of an eccentric – he thought WAY outside of the box and I think that these small facts -combined with the fact that history is written by those with the most influence , have done a fantastic job of leaving Tesla and his free energy invention left behind , WAAAY behind where many of us cant see him or his radiant , wireless energy transfer machine.

It makes you wonder if big time energy companies were ACTUALLY worried about his electricity invention – somehow I always get that gut feeling that Nikola Tesla is more of an outcast, than a brilliant mind forgotten.

Could The Tesla Free Energy Generator REALLY Work?

Thats the question that many who actually know of Tesla want to know – and sometimes even ask. Personally, I dont know if his huge dream of this generator working on a grandest of levels is possible. I mean, Tesla’s Wardenclyfee Tower was built, and he was seriously ready to transfer electricity to homes for MILES AROUND.

BUT – it doesnt matter if I think that his invention would send electricity through the air to a point 5 miles away or not – WHAT DOES MATTER, however, is the fact that Tesla DID IN FACT prove , on a smaller scale, that this idea did work. His scaled down versions of the wireless energy transfer device sent real, usable electricity from point A to point B.

And if the cell phone could start out as the size of a laptop -and now is smaller than a calculator – is it not possible to advance something like the Tesla Free Energy generator?

And what about those satellites WAY up there , orbiting around and round while we sit down here , receiving and sending text messages and voice calls from Tacoma WA to Jackson TN? Is that not similar to sending other types of energy – possibly like electricity , through the air to a transformer outside someones house?

Maybe……and maybe thats why we have heard so little about the man that wanted to provide us with free electricity , instead of providing himself with a massive account full of money.